How to dis-enroll from a Medicare advantage plan 2019

A mistake done can always be corrected, if you have been enrolled to the wrong plan it is easier to request for a disenrollment. Talking of the wrong plan it doesn’t mean that there is a bad Medicare advantage plan it is just that each individual has a plan that should meet all the need that were intended to be met. May be your plan was to enroll to a medigap and that’s okay, all you need to do is forward your request on the dis-enrollment. The following are ways that should request for the disenrollment.

If you have already used your plan, may have filled a prescription or visited a doctor and the plan was rejected you will have to request for retroactive disenrollment. You can also request for disenrollment that reads you back to the date that you joined the health plan. For the retroactive disenrollment you will probably be able to be dis-enrolled from the part D plan and it will be like you have never joined it.

On the other hand, you may wish to join a different Medicare plan, you may decide to select the original Medicare. The moment you are given the retroactive disenrollment you will get the chance of joining the Medicare advantage plan of your choice with or without part D or the original Medicare with or without part D. once the request has been accepted you will just ask the date you were enrolled so that you can file claims with your new Medicare part D plan or with the original Medicare.

If you have not used any of the health services since you joined the Medicare advantage plan in 2018, you will have to request for a disenrollment through requesting for the special enrollment period. This time you will have an opportunity of making the right decision and knowing the way forward. The moment your request is accepted you will be automatically enrolled at the end of the month that you made the request.

This type of requests is processed fast compared to the retroactive disenrollment. To avoid gaps in the coverage you should immediately sign up for a new coverage for it to start as soon as the disenrollment process is done. To make the request call the customer services and explain everything to the person and you will immediately get help. Also you will get the chance to learn more and avoid mistakes.